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Business Training for MSMEs

Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) offers mentorship training programs to provide skills and knowledge to MSMes.

Microcredit Financing Scheme (MFS)

Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) in partnership with Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) has rolled out a financing scheme of up to $15,000 with no collateral required. The Microcredit Financing Scheme (MFS) is open to businesses wholly owned by locals with less than 100 employees.

Market Access

The Market Access Unit will under Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) helps facilitate local enterprises to enter both local and overseas markets, through providing related opportunities, guidance abd assistance. Its offer free business advisory services to help MSMEs overcome business challenges and acquire information in expanding their busniesses overseas. They also organize trainings and networking events which cover export related matters as well as overseas expansion.

Promotions of Business Success story through BizBrunei Media Platforms

Biz Brunei media platform under the purview of Darussalam Enterprise (DARe) is an initiative to provide a platform for local businesses to share their journey. The platform also provide tools and tips to on the latest business development in Brunei.

BizBrunei team can be contacted at +6738363442 or email at

For more information, visit BizBrunei website at

Business Space

Industrial Site Management under DARe provide businesses with ready-built factories, industrial sites and park to for businesses to carry out their business activities such as manufacturing.

Business Support Centre

Businesses can seek help to resolve business-related issues at the Business Support Centre under DARe. The Business Support Centre located at the Ground floor of the Design & Technology Building, Simpang 32-37, Kg Anggerek Desa; BB3713 is a "one-stop Centre" with 16 government agencies offering support services to MSMEs.

Entrepreneur Centre

Capacity Buidling Centre's Entrepreneur Centre Stall located at the Centre for Capacity Building (PPK), Lambak Kanan provides facilities for local Food and Beverages as well as non-Food and Beverages entrepreneurs to develop their business.

How to Apply

Entrepreneurs interested in applying for PPK Entrepreneur Centre's stall may apply as follows:

Step 1 - Register at
Step 2 - Fill in the online form
Step 3 - Click submit.

Entrepreneur application will be maintained in the wait list database until there is a vacancy. This may take an indefinite period. However, once vacancy is available, applicant will be notified to attend interview. It takes an average of 2-3 weeks to complete the process of selection.