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Cooperatives Services

In line with the responsibility of Cooperatives Division in the implementation of Cooperative Society Act Chapter 84, the division offers the following services to cooperatives:


  • Process the registration of cooperative societies, in-house training
  • In-house training of cooperative Societies
  • Monitoring and supervisory advices
  • Auditing Cooperative account

Cooperative Societies

What are the minimum Requirement to set-up a cooperative?

Primary Cooperatives – consists of at least 30 person

Secondary Cooperatives –at least 2 Primary Cooperatives

Tertiary Cooperatives – at least 2 Secondary Cooperatives


How to qualify as member

  • A citizen of Brunei Darussalam or a permanent resident
  • Have attained the age of 18 years or, if he is a member of a school co-operative society, have attained the age of 12 years and be a registered student of that school; and meet such other requirements regarding residence, employment and occupation, as may be prescribed by the by-laws.


How to form a Co-operative Society?

Step 1- Contact Cooperatives Division

The Registration Helpdesk is located at:

Level 1, Design and Technology (D&T) Building

Simpang 32-3, Kg. Anggerek Desa Technology Park.

Negara Brunei Darussalam.


The officer and staff of Cooperative Division will provide consultation to people who are interested in forming a cooperative and will provide assistance with all stages of the cooperative development process.


Step 2- Briefing on Cooperative Movement

The briefing will cover the following topics:-

Definition of Cooperative Society

Cooperative Principles and Values

Cooperative Business Structure


Step 3 – Established a Steering (Protem) Committee

The Steering (Protem) Committee will be responsible for:-

Drafting of By-Laws

Prepare a Business Plan / Project Paper

Prepare and hold General Meeting for the establishment of cooperative

Recruit members who are interested in Cooperative Society


Step 4 – Amend By-Laws

The By-Laws state the rights and obligations of the cooperatives, Board of Directors and members and guide the day to day operations of the cooperative. The By-Laws usually specify the following:

  • Requirements for membership
  • Rights and responsibilities of members
  • Grounds and procedures for member expulsion
  • Procedures for calling and conducting membership meetings
  • Voting procedures
  • Procedures to elect or remove directors and officers
  • The number, duties, terms of office and compensation of directors and officers
  • Time and place of the directors meetings
  • Dates of the fiscal year
  • Information on how the net earnings will be distributed
  • Other rules for management of the cooperative


Step 5 – Hold a General Meeting for the establishment

The Steering Committee must hold a General Meeting for:

  • Making decision to register the cooperative
  • Submitting the application for registration of the cooperative to the Registrar.


Step 6 – Registration of Co-operative

After the General Meeting has been held, Steering Committee has to submit application for the registration of co-operative to the Registrar. According to Section 6(2) of Co-operative Societies Act, the following documents should be provided:

  • Application letter for registration is to be submitted to the Registrar and it shall be signed by the


  • 3 copies of proposed by-law that has been agreed upon during the inaugural meeting, signed at

               the last page by the Chairman, Secretary and one of the committee members.

  • A set of minutes of inaugural general meeting, signed by the Secretary
  • A set of Co-operative Business Plan
  • Registration fees (B$15.00)



How to apply online

Applicants may submit completed application and upload the required supporting documents online at


Supporting documents to be uploaded by applicants:-

  • Application letter
  • Form A
  • 3 copies of proposed by-law
  • A set of inaugural general meeting
  • A set of cooperative Business plan

Form A can be downloaded here


Should you prefer to make a manual application you may submit to our office by hand at:-

Cooperative Registration Helpdesk

Level 1, Design and Technology (D&T) Building

Simpang 32-3, Kg. Anggerek Desa Technology Park.

Negara Brunei Darussalam.


Download Cooperative Code of Practice